media | nrw

From 2002 to 2004 I edited the site "media|nrw". In collaboration with WYSWYG Software Design we relaunched the site, came up with a very nice CMS.

This was fun. And a lot of work. All about 3.000 news items published in a three years, a monthly online magazine, portraits of interesting people and so on. 

media|nrw is a news portal, financed by the state of Northrhine-Westfalia, covering the media, IT, telecommunication and software industry in this German state. 

More than 400.000 people work  in the media/IT industry here, for many small production companies as well as big ones such as Deutsche Telekom, RTL and many others. 

My role was to first relaunch the site, working with WYSIWYG, a fine online design agency based in Duesseldorf. Later my main role was to edit a daily stream of news on everything internet/telco/data or IT. On top of that we published a monthly online magazine, where each page was usually designed by hand. Very intense work, but fun.

The site was selected for Bronze in 2003 in the "Best of Business to Business" annual contest.