Datawrapper wins "Best Start-up for News" at GEN13

Our project Datawrapper won an important award at the Global Editors Network News Summit in Paris, 2013. For Deutsche Welle we took part in the "Hack the Newsroom" Hackathon.

"Just prepare a five minute presentation, when you come to Paris" is all they said in advance. Time was tight actually at all happenings at the GEN 13 event. Five minutes to present an important idea and concept is not that much. 

But, the whole team working on Datawrapper  than happy about the outcome. Datawrapper that competition, encouraging us to keep developing the tool further and make it more versatile. Read more about the event and the "Start-up for News" here. 

Hack the Newsroom: Our prototypes

Presenting Datawrapper was only one activity in Paris this year. Having won the "Hack the newsroom" event in Berlin, we participated on behalf of Deutsche Welle in the finals. There is a more about that event on the Deutsche Welle Innovation Blog, including links to two prototypes for future data-driven news apps we developed in the two day events.