VISION Cloud wins IBC Special Award 2013

The cloud computing research project is now in it's third and final year. At IBC2013 we present novel approaches for media clouds.

Good outcome. In VISION Cloud we started with very technical, abstract concepts at the very beginning. Federation, computation cloud computing,...

Working with RAI, the other media partner, we worked on a web-based demonstrator to make potential benefits of cloud computing more clear. The VISION Cloud media use case will show a working demo at IBC.

Key innovations are a novel approach to store videos. Using VISION Cloud the use and re-use of raw material could become much simpler and more productive. To that end we introduced the concept of "popularity data": Each interaction of editors with a video file on the cloud is transferred into a score for that particular file. Over time this use of data should clearly help to separate the good from the bad videos. More details on the VISION Cloud website.