Data-driven journalism

Bringing together a group of pioneers in data-driven journalism in Amsterdam was the goal. Turned out quite good.

Can data bring back a new perspective for journalism? Starting in early 2009 I developed concepts, plans and presentations for "data-driven journalism". 

The EJC (European Journalism Centre) listened and agreed to do a conference. For months we called journalists and sent like hundreds of e-mails. On August 24, 2010 we opened doors for a first roundtable on data-driven journalism under the title "What is there to learn?". 

We actually had some fears that this would be very exclusive, exclusive in the sense that no more than 10-15 people would show up, the whole event turned out differently. We were overbooked, the venue was too small.

We had an amazing list of speakers, such as Simon Rogers (The Guardian), Tony Hirst (Open University), Jonathan Gray (OKFN), Lorenz Matzat (Datenjournalist), Nicolas Kayser-Bril (Owni), Alan McLean (New York Times), Eric Ulken (formerly of the LA Times data desk), Cynthia O'Murchu (Financial Times), Burt Herman (Storify, Hacks/Hackers), Stijn Debrouwere, Andrew Lyons (Ultra Knowledge), Julian Burgess (The Times, now developer in New York), Gavin Sheridan (The, Frank van Ham (IBM/Many Eyes), Stefan Fichtel (Visual Designer) and Richard Rogers (University of Amsterdam). 

Apologize for the name dropping, but we were (and still are) so happy with this outcome. 

Here is the video:

Data-Driven Journalism: What is there to learn? from European Journalism Centre on Vimeo.

Here is my presentation, that served as a kick-off:
Data-driven journalism: Status and Outlook (Amsterdam, August 2010) #ddj

View more presentations from Mirko Lorenz.

Looking back: One of the best days in my working life (so far). 
Plus: How did we manage to pack so many people into one day, Liliana? You did the organization.