#ddj 2010: A Link List for Data Driven Journalism

We saw a lot of movement for Data Driven Journalism in 2010. Here is a linklist to examples, presentations and other material.

Data-driven journalism was a buzzword in 2010. What is this really? A short-lived trend or "ray of hope" for journalism? 

This link list guides you to examples and resources. The idea is to provide a quick entry point see what is possible. Please contact me, if you think a great example is missing here. Twitter: @mirkolorenz

Data-Driven Journalism
Please help to complete this entry, if you think there is something missing. 

Florence Nightingale
Causes of Mortality of the Army in the East
This is a prime example for what data-driven journalism can be all about: Using data to find the truth, to tell a convincing story. This particular example had been used by Simon Rogers (Guardian Datablog) in his presentations. 

Two "must-see" presentations from the data wizards

Hans Rosling
Debunking myths with data (TED Talk)
Highly inspiring talk, see how using data can change our views of the world - in 10 minutes. 

David McCandless
The Beauty of Data Visualization (TEDx Talk)
A journalist demonstrating how data can be used to tell stories. Many inspiring and innovative ways to visualize data here.


Visualization examples

David McCandless
Putting the billions spent here and there into perspective, by making them comparable to each other. Result: Many assumptions we all have are quickly challenged.

Amanda Cox (New York Times)
Fractions of a Second - An Olympic Musical
Creative way to use visuals and audio, based on the Olympic Winter Games.

Kevin Quealy, Archie Tse (New York Times)
Rent or buy calculator
A glimpse of how data can be used to help people make a good descision

Shan Carter, Amanda Cox & Kevin Quealy (New York Times)
The Jobless Rate for People Like You
Uses data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics to demonstrate how unemployment affects different groups, by race, by gender, education and age. 

Where does my money go? (Website, UK)
Where does my money go?
Provides overview on complex budgets.

UK Spending Data
Visual representation how the British budget is spent. 

Offener Haushalt 
German Budget, as a tree map

Shan Carter, Mathew Ericson, David Leonhardt, Bill Marsh and Kevin Quealy (New York Times)
Budget Puzzle: You Fix the Budget
Great use of interaction with users: Given the complex task of deciding where to cut spendings, the complexity of politics becomes more apparent. 

Graham Roberts, Shan Carter, Joe Ward (New York Times)
How Mariano Rivera Dominates Hitters
Just one example that data-driven stories can be used for sports reporting, too. Even if you are not interested in Baseball, the visualization here is stunning. 

Mathew Bloch, Shan Carter, Alan Mclean
Mapping America: Every City, Every Block
Big data analysis for the small view on USA. 



Nieman Lab, Harvard University
How the Guardian is pioneering data journalism with free tools

Paul Bradshaw, Online Journalism Blog
How to be a Data-Journalist 

Mirko Lorenz, EJC Magazine
Data-driven Journalism: Only the start
Download a free PDF on data-driven journalism here

Documentations & Conferences

Geoff McGhee
Journalism in the Age of Data
A video report, presenting data-driven journalism in context, with many voices from leading thinkers in this field.

Data-driven journalism Roundtable, Amsterdam 2010
Data-Driven Journalism.net
Conference hosted by the European Journalism Centre (EJC), August 2010. See videos from data-journalists, participants from New York Times, The Guardian, Financial Times, LA Times, Open Knowledge Foundation, Storify, OWNI, Stijn Debrouwere, Ultra Knowledge,


Anna Lena Schiller
Data-Driven Journalism 
Graphic recording from the "Round Table in Amsterdam", provides a very quick overview on what was presented

Jonathan Gray, Open Knowledge Foundation
Open Data and Data-Driven Journalism 

Alan McLean, New York Times
Telling Stories Online (2010)

Mirko Lorenz
Data-Driven Journalism: Five Ws and one H (Status and Outlook) (2010)
Talk from the Amsterdam Round-Table

Data-Driven Journalism: What is there to learn? (2010)
Presentation at Innovation Journalism Conference, Stanford

Data-Driven Journalism: What is there to learn (PDF)
Documentation of the Amsterdam Round-Table event, including the visuals from Ana-Lena Schiller and brief abstracts of the talks from each participant.