Since July 2012 I am an investor/minority partner in Journalism++. The team builds "data first newsrooms", develops and teaches.

The company is run by Nicolas Kayser-Bril (CEO), together with Pierre Romera (CTO), Bertrand de Véricourt (developer) and Anne-Lise Bouyer (project management). 

In the very short time since founding the company they have created a number of impressive projects. 

Nicolas Kayser-Bril was instrumental in creating the first version of Datawrapper for ABZV in Germany. The beta of the software to create simple, but correct data visualizations racked up 400.000 visits in the first four month after launch. The Guardian,, L'Avenir and an increasing number of local newspapers are using the the open source tool. When he joined the project, everything moved forward to completion in the shortest possible time.

Looking a team to build cool data news apps?
If you are a manager in a media company and look out for a smart team to build newsapps, do training and consulting to use data - give them a call. 

Website is here: