DW Relaunch: Requirements and Information Architecture

For six months we gathered requirements for the Deutsche Welle Relaunch in 2010. As of early 2012, the new website of Deutsche Welle is now online, with news in 30(!) languages.

How would a website look like presenting the multimedia offerings of Deutsche Welle - from radio to TV to photos to online articles? 

With my colleague Wilfried Runde, Head of the Innovation department, we worked with a group of 15 representatives from all departments to gather the requirements for the Deutsche Welle relaunch. The work spanned of a period of six month. At the end we produced an extensive description of needs for each department, with more than 150 pages and all the technical and visual needs. 

In 2010 following a second team from DW put these plannings into practice. As of early 2012 the new website is now online, presenting multimedia content in 30 languages. Check the outcome for yourself: http://www.dw.de