Presentation: Datenjournalismus - Lohnt der Aufwand?

Another presentation, this time in German language. This was presented at Scoopcamp 2011, in Hamburg, by invitation from dpa.

There is a peculiar German work you here with a certain frequency: "Arbeitsverdichtung". It's is hard to translate, the closest would be "increasing work density". What is means is that in many professions people feel that their daily routine changes, there are a number of new to do items each day. 

In newsrooms, the word is used, too. Here it is often dropped in conjunction with the changes in journalistic work, the growing number of tasks (e.g. "can you just publish your article online", "make sure to tweet", etc.). A lot of journalists feel that while there might be something to all these new activities, it is often hard to tell whether the ensuing multi-tasking is just a fad or something that is really important. 

Scoopcamp Presentation
In this presentation (in German language) I tried to answer this question with a focus on "data-driven journalism".

Is learning to work with data more and better as a basis for reporting is just more work or might provide an interesting perspective for journalists. Scoopcamp is a yearly gathering for journalists, organized by German news agency dpa. Effectively it has a nice "family reunion" feel to it. 

This presentation on Slideshare:
Daten-Journalismus: Lohnt der Aufwand?

To be fair: Among the people who attended, the interest and even some enthusiasm about these new options was clearly present. No one said anything about "Arbeitsverdichtung".