Presentation: From Attention to Trust

What if? What if the work of journalists would shift from generating attention to building trust? At Picnic 2011, I tried to provide a view how this could be done.

The ability to generate attention has been a long time driver of media. Effectively the printing press and later radio or TV enabled media companies to reach out to large audiences over night. 

Very obviously this is not an exclusive asset any more. The internet allows anyone at any time to communicate. Which is good. 

The downside is that it has become much harder to find trustable information, verified, analysed and transformed into something you and me can easily understand. 

A talk at PICNIC 2011
Therefore I propose to focus on building trust. This presentation, made possible by an invitation to the Picnic festival in Amsterdam 2011 by the European Journalism Centre, aims to combine why being trustable and providing trustable information should rank much higher on the list of priorities in newsrooms.

This presentation on Slideshare:
From Attention to Trust:
 How data-driven journalism can help in the urban future
This is nascent thinking, so if you agree or disagree, let's discuss. Best way to join a growing community of people interested in data-journalism is using the hashtag #ddj on Twitter.