Media Companies must become trusted data hubs

This was born out of a discussion on Twitter. The topic: What could be a frame for the future of journalism? Our best guess: Let's focus on trust - because that is a scarce resource by now.

Screenshot of \"Media companies must become trusted data hubs\", Nieman Lab

Media is shaken by convergence, journalists feel the pinch. Newsrooms that were staffed with 15 journalists some years ago, are now down to just three or four.

And, usually it is expected that they focus on the traditional platform (newspaper, radio, TV). Online content usually is an afterthought, something to be done "on the side". 

Frankly, I think this is strategy is doomed. So, together with Nicolas Kayser-Bril and Geoff MgGhee, I wrote an article that tries to provide a way out. The key points: Let us use data-journalism to come up with relevant insights - and then based trust, instead of attention create a future for journalism that not just "copy & paste". 

The article, orginally published at, got picked up by Nieman Labs.